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Diamond braid cordage is manufactured in an 8,12,16,or 32 carrier(stand)over and under configuratiom.this manner of braiding goves the cord its diamond pattern noticeable on the outside of the cord. Most diamond braids are manufactured with acore of varying fibers.These cords can also be made without core yarns(Hollow Braid)for easy splice ability.this material is available on bulk put-ups,spools ormini spools,or cut to specified lengths.

Fully spliceable,and resistant to moisture and rot.It floats indefinitely and cannot hockle,kink or backlay.Afew of the many uses for hollow braid rope include water ski tows,anchor lines,pool rope,dog leashes and applications where quick easy splicing to hardware or other components is desirable

Abrasion resistance,high strength,low stretch and ease of handing are qualities which make solid braids ideal for clotheslines,pullesys,tie downs,flag poles,awnings and applications where strength resistance to wear are important.

properties.Nylon double braid ha good resistance to abrasion,sunlight and chemicals.Due to its high elongation,nylon is almost always used in applications involving shock loading such as anchor lines and mooring lines.

Choosing A Rope

Wosking Loads
It is impossible to eatablish hard and fast recommendationgs regarding working loads due to the wide range of rope use,rope conditiongs,exposure to several factors affecting rope behavior,and the degree of risk to life and property involved.The tabulationgs for work loads are based on new,unused rope in excellent condition.these are only guidelines,even when habing appropriate splices,and being used in non-critical applications and under normal condition.If possible injury to people or damage to property exist,working loads should be reduced.Never increase the working load beyond giben guidelines without expert advice as to the conditions and risk involved.It must be determined that the rope is in excellent condition.Figures given as working loads are void if the rope has been subjected to dynamic loading,high temperatures,long periods of load,extreme stress,improper storage of improper use





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